Change the way you learn online.
Learn and exchange new skills 1:1 from a mentor of your choice
for free

Online courses are generalized and require you to find your own path to learning. Collab-n-learn changes that. It is a skill sharing platform where you can learn a new skill from a mentor of your choice in exchange for teaching your skills

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How Collab-n-learn changes the way you learn online

Exchange skills

Save time & money on learning new skills. Exchange and learn new skills for free. Trade your time for theirs.

Learn live 1:1

Learn through 1:1 interactions, choose your preferred method of interaction. With a live mentor you can ask question and get guidance on topic of your interest.

Learn anything

Collab-n-Learn isn't just limited to technical skills, but you can collaborate & exchange any skills. Programming, Marketing, Sales, Languages, hobbyist, soft skills to name a few - Sky is the limit

Your learning path

Courses & trainings are generalised and limited to meet need of huge audience. With a mentor you decide your learning goals, learn topics useful & important to you, your work or your project or your next interview

Choose your mentor

Choose a mentor of your choice based on feedback & rating from previous mentee. Not restricted to one country or geographic location.

Beyond learning

Need feedback, opinion or consulting on something outside of your area of expertise? No problem, collaborate with a skilled awesome people to help you shoulder the load

This is how Collab-n-Learn helps you

Step 1: Skills

Share your skills and choose what you want to learn

Step 2: Choose mentor

Choose a mentor of your choice

Step 3: Start learning

Start learning and sharing skills

Step 4: Feedback & Rating

You can also rate mentors based on your experience.



Before you start collabrating with a mentor, our system will provide you with options for many mentors. Provide them information on your learning goals. And choose the best fit for you.

You can also rate the mentors based on your experience.

Depending on you and your mentor, you can agree on the number of hours as per your requirements.

No, if you have practical knowledge of the topic you can become a mentor

No, when guiding feel free to refer to your go-to resources like videos/blogs/tutorials.

Spent 10 mins before you start just to jot down the bullet points.

Unlike other platforms, Collab-n-Learn isn't just focused on coding. You can use it for any other skills like marketing, sales, consulting, hobbisytic skills, just to name a few.

Yes, it is free. Unlike other platform which charges hefty fees for mentorship, Collab-n-Learn doesn't charges any fees.

We believe in you, please respect time & value of your mentor.

100's of change makers have joined. Join them.

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By Nikhil